april 18, 2003 - 12:27:52
Hi everybody ! Finally I've started uploading skins for Forgotten Battles. For the time, the Snorri work is available. Enjoy ! See you on Hyperlobby !

january 24, 2003 - 20:59:38
Yes, it's an update ^-^
New skinners are welcome :
Topher, an talented artist with originals schemes and C.Schumacher with a pack of schemes for squadron playing.
Also a new highly colored scheme from Zargos (visit his new site).
I've added a new option on the download page, just going in.
Thanks for visiting my site (14 000 downloads since v2 is online !).

november 05, 2002 - 20:33:04
Welcome to Mike Fuller with its two Bf109s and Ninja-JPN- with his japanized La-5FN.

october 31, 2002 - 18:09:55
Today, a Yak-9U by me : Perestroika.

october 29, 2002 - 20:57:11
A new MiG-3 by Johan. The links section has been filled with... errh... links.

october 28, 2002 - 20:45:16
New author : Zargos from Unbound Frogs with skins from Crimson Skies.
Also, popups are no longer required for downloading skins.

october 26, 2002 - 21:34:26
Et voila ! The v2 is on-line !
What's change ? It's now all writen in PHP whith a MySQL database, in a word : easy to browse skins for you and easy to administrate for me.
Apart the downloading and books section, the other sections are (temporarily !) empty.

I'm proud to present you the last skins by Lego. For viewing them, just go to to the downloading section and select Lego as author. It's the first four (easy to browse skins ^^)

Feel free to mail me if you have a problem with the new version.

And now the gift : a WAV to put in your IL-2 directory (Samples/Music/Menu) ru.wav (4Mo)

See you on Hyperlobby !

.: Credits :.